There is no skill in manual therapy…?

Physical therapists have a vast toolbox of skills to help improve someone’s ability to move. Within that toolbox may be exercise techniques, Pilates, Redcord Neurac, dry needling, other manual therapy techniques, taping, tapping, yelling, cheerleading, lecturing, parenting, inspiring, and mentoring. The truth is, despite what any studies say or any expert will tell you, there is probably not ONE best treatment for any young athlete. I will say no more because Adam (@thesportsphysio) who I follow on twitter really just summed it up best. I’ll let him do the rest of the talking…

The Sports Physio

I’m guessing if you are reading this then you are probably a manual therapist, and probably a little pissed off with the title of my blog that’s just called into question your skill, training and experience! But before you ‘blow a fuse‘ and decide to get all ‘medieval on my arse‘ in the comments section, please hear me out and continue to read on a little further!

So a few weeks ago, just for a change, I posted a controversial tweet that said “There is NO technical skill needed in ANY manual therapy. Except for red flag/safe application”

It had a mixed response, some agreeing, some disagreeing and the odd smart arsed remark. So I thought I would expand on this a bit more and explain my reasons for saying this, why I think this way and of course, as always, some evidence to back…

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