Patients say the darndest things

Taken from @Julzthefish twitter:

  • My new Australian pt couldn’t understand why physio in US isn’t 1st stop for ppl w/musc-sk injury. “makes no sense” he said. “It’s not like humans are any different on that part of the world. A physio can help them anywhere.”
  • Patient QOTD2 (after observing me treat a 13 year old): “Wow, I can really tell you actually love working with teenagers.” #amensista #kidsrock
  • Patient QOTD1: “I’ve realized my body is like an onion. As we peel away layers, I get new pains, but I can tell I’m improving.” #amensista
  • Pt. QOTD re: adolescent sports med: “PT should be a routine well visit for growing kids/teens. You shouldn’t have to be hurt.” @SPTSYouth
  • Patient QOTD: I don’t know what I would do without you to help insert the sanity back into my brain. #beautifulbodybeautifulmind
  • Patient QOTD: “I’m going to become a dry needling evangelist.”
  • Patient QOTD: “The best treatment is probably just to teach people how to move their own bodies. That ‘equipment’ goes w/ them everywhere.”
  • Patient QOTD: “I’m kind of feeling like an awkward octopus in this position.” #awkwardanimals
  • QOTD “These are all the symptoms of childhood.” -Grey’s Anatomy
  • Patient QOTD: I’m so sore. Me: why? Patient: Bc I did 200 squats yesterday. Me: why? Patient: Because Beyonce does 200 squats/day. #logical
  • QOTD by 2 different patients: ”if I really exhale the way you showed me before I stand up, my back doesn’t hurt!” Channeling @JulieWiebePT!
  • Patient QOTD: “I have come to realize that I am a professional gripper.”
  • Patient QOTD: “In case you were wondering, you’re totally right for this profession/job. Keep up the good work.” #neededthat #lovemyjob
  • Patient QOTD: “So you’re saying I’m using too many muscles & moving poorly. Like pushing the brake & accelerator at the same time?” #exactly
  • “If I ever had to write an essay about someone who changed my life, I’d write about you.” @LucayWilliams after #dryneedling
  • “Are you the patient today?” a client asked me. Response: “I was a patient before I was a PT.” #empathy #nerdclub @blairgreen = superstar.
  • “Holy crapoly my legs feel good today.” What dry needling will make a patient say!
  • Today a patient informed me of her 9 hour swim practice yesterday. #ouch #areyoukiddingme #retirementrocks
  • ”Exercises aren’t what hurt people. Bad teaching is what hurts people.” #pilatesforPTs #smartmovers #nerdclub
  • Spoke at elementary school career day regarding how PTs help people move better. Fave question from 2nd grader: “Do you help dead people?” My answer: “Nope! Because they don’t move!”
  • “I suffered from invincibility yesterday. It will quickly fade.”
  • “I’m having a hard time getting a full breath. My deep breaths are just unsatisfying.”
  • “Am I normal?” -Patient  “It depends on your definition of normal. I hate that word.” -Me “Me too. It’s more of a sliding scale.” -Patient
  • “Who needs weights when you can just do simple movements like this…correctly?”
  • “It’s not that I got hurt from overuse, it’s from improper use.”
  • “It’s not ‘No Pain, No Gain.’  It’s ‘No brain pain, No movement gain.'”
  • “My body is a delicate ecosystem.”

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