When the doctor needs a doctor

It’s hard to be a patient, but throughout my life I’ve always found that being a patient has only driven my thirst for learning more about the human body and healthcare.

Over the past several (or many more!) years I have had my fair share of aches, pains, sniffles, injuries, and illnesses. When I was little, I read books about what it’s like to spend the night in the hospital because I found hospitals so fascinating. Call it weird or some type of sick (pun intended) humor, but it only drove my interest in being some type of “doctor” some day.

Well, now Dr. Julie got her wish. She needs a doctor…or 25. I’ve had a string of events happen to me recently that have unearthed some deeper issues that have been going on for what looks to be quite a while. I’ve earned myself a trip and some overnight stays in the hospital. They haven’t happened yet as of writing this on 7/10/2015, but they will come and I am preparing for them.

Being a patient is anything but patience-inducing. I’m still a student of my own case, finding everything fascinating and finding that I can’t get enough of learning about my own body. Over the past year, many of these issues have helped me and others in ways that have been surprising, humbling, and so rewarding. I’ve been able to completely reframe my approach to life while not losing the old me. I’ve taken on a lot of new things that inspire me while letting go of the things that sucked out my energy and my time.

I’ve taken on the alias of “Dr. Wonder Woman” (unrelated to my medical adventures) and I am approaching my upcoming medical adventures in superhero fashion. I’ve also realized that I never actually retired from swimming, as I’m using my athlete mentality to mentally prepare as if it’s the biggest swim meet of my life.

I’ve got this.

See the links below for a complete telling of my story. I’m honored to share some very vulnerable and personal details of my life, as sharing my story is not only therapeutic for me, but helps others understand what I’m going through. So many people have asked how I got to this point in the first place. It’s complex and usually results in long conversations and emails, so I thought writing it out in chapters would be more digestible.

Numerous people have also wanted updates and have shown how much they care, and I am humbled and overwhelmed with the support I have received from everyone. I have had so much love and support that I’ve lost track of who has heard the story and to whom I “owe” an update, so hopefully blog updates will be a nice way to reach those who want and need them.

If you get tired of reading about me, feel free to look around the rest of this blog and learn some nerdy PT, sports, and health things!

I am disabling blog comments on this page because it often results in a lot of spam and let’s face it: nobody wants spam! If you would like to contact me personally, please email youthsportspt@gmail.com!


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