Chapter 13.5: Benedict’s eviction notice

Save the date!

Benedict will be evicted from the premises on Wednesday, August 26.

I will stay in the hospital hopefully 4-5 days and then I will head to my parents’ house for about a week to recuperate, then head back to my house so that Dr. Daniel can do the rest. Turns out the Mom and Pop Rehab Center has some bells, whistles, gadgets, and post-operative friendly stuff that will ease my transition back into the real world. I’m excited my sister is also coming in to town to help out. She can do all my chest percussions and respiratory therapy. 🙂

Thanks to all for your prayers, support, goodies, and well wishes. If I have not been able to thank you personally or respond to your messages/texts/emails/calls–please know that I have not forgotten you and I really appreciate even the small messages, voicemails, or goofy notes!

But wait…not so fast. We got a little curve ball in Chapter 14