Chapter 30: Home Sweet Home!

After 10 days and 9 nights at Northside Hospital, it was more than time to come home. Dr. Moore’s partner came in early this morning and asked me when I wanted to go home and I quickly replied “NOW.” He said “Your wish is my command!” Best early wake up call ever!

Picking up from where I left off 2 days ago–I got the chest tube out yesterday and the heavens opened up and started singing. We took it out before it had finished draining so the nurses have had to stay on top of changing my dressings many times throughout the day as the wound continues to ooze (mmm…you love that mental picture, I know) and now that I’m home, Dr. Daniel is in charge of keeping me in one piece. He’s doing a great job!

My parents are at our house to lend a few extra hands–especially good as my health insurance has been giving us a bit of a nightmare today over pre-authorization of one of my discharge medications again. Poor Dr. Daniel has been on the phone all day arguing with them and–lo and behold–the best way to get Aetna’s attention was–you guessed it again–TWITTER. They are refusing to pay for the blood thinner that I need to take due to the blood clot in my right arm, so we’re paying an arm and a leg for it right now. So irritating.

It is a positive dream to be home now. I took a little catnap in my room in the new recliner my parents bought me and absolutely soaked in the lack of people knocking on the door and coming in and out every 5 minutes. Thanks to the help of pain meds and muscle relaxants, I’m feeling really good pain and energy-wise so far and looking forward to the rehab process.

I (and we) really appreciate everyone’s kindness and support these last several weeks/months. I can feel your encouragement and it has definitely gotten me through some of the tough times! Keep it coming-I’m not out of the woods just yet! I will follow up with the vascular surgeon in 3 months to determine if I will need a vascular repair on my subclavian vein and I will begin radiation in about 3 weeks. I will go back on the chemo in about 2 weeks or so.

Hope everyone has a happy Memorial Day weekend. Welcome to summer! It is HOT here in Atlanta now!