Cracking Concussions: Part 2

Concussions really do make a lasting impact (pun totally intended) on an athlete’s long term function. In case you missed last week’s post about my own experience with concussion, check it out here.

In the event that you already caught Part 1 or just want to learn more about the impact of concussion, check out this blog honoring one of my first posts from this blog’s birthday, just in time (early this time!) for #throwbackthursday. Let’s face it, if I don’t post it today on Wednesday, I’m going to forget to post it. What are you doing to raise your or others’ awareness of concussion in your sport or your child’s sport?


Concussion-Cartoon Photo credit:

If you’re just picking up this post, you may have missed the story from Part 1 about my recent patient (Patient 1) who presented with a concussion. I discussed how without my recognition of his symptoms, he may have been misdiagnosed and/or mismanaged.

Mirror this case with another case of a high school athlete (Patient 2) I was treating at the exact same time of Patient 1. Patient 2 sustained a head injury when falling backward onto her head during a home plate collision during a softball game. Her father, a pediatric physician assistant, was on the scene and immediately recognized signs of a concussion. She was monitored and taken to a local emergency department. She followed up within a day or so with a pediatric primary care sports medicine physician, who recommended cognitive rest, a modified school schedule and program, and prompt referral to physical…

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